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Childcare Aware is another great resource for information on starting a preschool or child care.In addition to asking yourself these questions about why you’re interested in starting a preschool or child care, use this assessment from First Children’s Finance.Does your community lack quality preschool and child care programs that prepare them for kindergarten and beyond?

We will begin with an overview of the business planning process, then we will guide you on questions to ask and tools to answer those questions—all specific to the unique business needs of nature-based and forest preschools.

We will provide specific guidance related to these topics: • Key decisions (e.g., mission, goals, administrative model, partnerships) • Programming plan (What will the program look and feel like? ) • Operating plan (How do I identify the nuts and bolts of my program such as schedule, registration process, insurance, etc.?

) • Site plan (How do I determine if a site is right for my business? ) • Financial plan (How do I identify and track start-up and operating expenses?

) • Building plan (What does the ideal physical space look like and how can I achieve that vision? ) • Risk analysis (What might go wrong in my business plan and how might I respond if it does?

Excellent sources for data to help you answer these questions include your local Child Care Resource & Referral agency, the U. Census Bureau and the school census from your local school district, and the Kids Count Data Center. Writing a business plan isn’t easy, but it’s a critical step in making sure your business starts on the right foot.

From planning for startup costs and advertising to detailing how you will pay for licensing fees and salaries to developing policies and procedures, plan the launch of your business.

Details: Our goal for this Nature-Based Preschool Business Planning Workshop is to help your nature-based or forest preschool dream take flight.

This two-day-and-a-half day workshop will not only help you get started, but also provide you the road map for accomplishing your vision.

A business plan is essential for the running of any venture no matter how big or small.

It is not just THE basis of your applications for grants and private funding, but it will also act as a much-needed fixed point in the otherwise hectic world of running a business.


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