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Effect on Health – one of the most devastating effects that poverty has is on the overall health of the nation.The most prominent health issue stemming from poverty is malnutrition.Upper and middle income groups see a faster increase in earnings than lower income groups.

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It impacts individuals in a socio-psychological way with them not being able to afford simple recreational activities and getting progressively marginalized in the society.

The term poverty is interconnected with the notion of the poverty line/ threshold that may be defined as the minimum figure of income that is required in a particular country for maintaining the socially acceptable quality of life in terms of nutritional, clothing and sheltering needs.

Wealthy people with privileged connection are able to acquire more wealth simply by bribing government officials to maximize their profits from such schemes while the poor remain in a state of neglect for not being able to assert such connections. Individual – individual lack of efforts also contribute towards generating poverty.

Some people are unwilling to work hard or even not willing to work altogether, leaving their families in the darkness of poverty.

But outdated farming practices, lack of proper irrigation infrastructure and even lack of formal knowledge of crop handling has affected the productivity in this sector tremendously.

As a consequence there is redundancy and sometimes complete lack of work leading to decreased wages that is insufficient for meeting daily needs of a labourer’s family plunging them into poverty. Unequal distribution of assets – with the economy changing directions rapidly, the earning structure evolves differently in different economic income groups.Current statistics state that over half the populations in the world, about 3 billion people, are forced to live on less than 2.5 dollars per day. This data is currently being accepted as the poverty threshold of the country.In India, as per 2014 government reports, monthly per capita consumption expenditure is Rs. As of 2015, 21.9% of the total population lives below the national poverty threshold, as per the data of Asian Development Bank, that’s a whopping 269.7 million individuals not having enough money. Demographic – the main factor that contributes to poverty-ridden state of the country from a demographical point of view is the problem of over population.81) as a response to the changes in the cost of living across the world as per current economy.The organization estimates that – “Just over 900 million people globally lived under this line in 2012 (based on the latest available data), and we project that in 2015, just over 700 million are living in extreme poverty.” Poverty is a worldwide cause of concern even in economically stable countries like the USA.Successful to certain extent in reviving the economy, the economic reforms had detrimental effects on increasing the wealth distribution scenario. Education and illiteracy – Education, rather its lack thereof and poverty form a vicious cycle that plagues the nation.Not having enough resources to feed their children, the poor consider education to be frivolous, preferring children to start contributing to the family’s income rather than draining them.Poverty also staves people off from accessing much needed social tools of well-being like education and health requirements.The direct consequences stemming from this problem are hunger, malnutrition and susceptibility to diseases which have been identified as major problems across the world.Effects of Poverty The resounding effect of poverty echoes through various layers of an India citizen’s life.If we try to have a systematic look at them, we should proceed under the three following heads:- 1.


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