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I have been spending my summers volunteering for a charitable organization in Central America that provides medical services for the poor, runs ESL classes, and operates a Pre-K to Grade 6 school.

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We all know we should be fostering students’ problem-solving ability in our math classes.

Polya’s focus on “finding unknowns” in math has wide applicability to problems whether they are purely mathematical or more general.

The download for today’s post presents one way you can find unknowns at each grade level.

I would like to share a conversation I had recently with my friend Stu.

As Polya noted, there are two ways that mathematics can be presented, either as deductive system of rules and procedures or as an inductive method of making mathematics.

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Both ways of thinking about mathematics have endured through the centuries, but at least in American education, there has been an emphasis on a procedural approach to math.George Polya was a European-born scholar and mathematician who moved to the U. When considering the his classroom experience of teaching mathematics, he noticed that students were not presented with a view of mathematics that excited and energized them.I know that I have felt this way many times in my teaching career and have often asked: How can I make this more engaging and yet still maintain rigor?We specifically talked about the fact that he remembers little or nothing about how to find the area of a figure and never learned in school why it might be important to know about area.Math was presented to him as a set of rules and procedures rather than as a way to find unknowns in real-life situations.At the end of the lesson, you will have the opportunity to try more examples before taking your quiz. Some ways to tell if you really understand what is being asked is to: In our example, we can understand the problem by realizing that we don't need the information about the gender of the guests or the color of the cupcakes - that is irrelevant.All we really need to know is that we are being asked, 'How many cupcakes are left of the total that were made? Now that we understand the problem, we have to Devise a Plan to solve the problem.Problem solving is one way I show my students that math relates to their lives!Problem solving is a fundamental means of developing students' mathematical knowledge and it also shows them that math concepts apply to real-world concepts.Particularly in the lower grade levels, finding “unknowns” can be relegated to prealgebra and algebra courses in the later grades.Nonetheless, today’s standards call for algebra and algebraic thinking at early grade levels.


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