Planning For An Essay Exam

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Consider this typical time budget for responding to one question in 50 minutes: Spend a few minutes gathering up ideas and thoughts you will need to include in your essay.

Then consider the most effective way to present that material to your reader.

Your professor will develop essay questions on the important topics stressed throughout the course lectures and discussions.

These topics are more than likely also discussed in the assigned readings.

The focus of your writing depends on the TASK stated in the question.

In a question that asks you to explain, for example, your focus should be on presenting information as clearly as possible so that the reader understands the TOPIC.

Begin your exam review (about two weeks before the test) by predicting what essay questions will be included on the exam.

There are several sources for these possible essay questions: Use the major boldface headings in your textbooks and turn them into questions by using typical key words such as describe, explain, define.

Sometimes it's difficult to know, at first, exactly what the focus of the piece of writing should be.

That's why it's especially important to pay attention to any HINTS in the exam question.


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