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However anyone trying to accuse you of using your own work without his permission will make such a fool of himself in the scientific world that his reputation there will plummet to negative infinity, so I don't think the chances of trouble are above those that some crank will accuse you of plagiarizing his work or that the outcome of the accusation, if it occurs, will be essentially different.

The papers you have published and that my be under review in a journal require permission to rproduce.

yes, you can include it & you should include it because many persons would be eager to see an information regarding your dissertation.

btw If you are using La Te X to write your cv, Bib Te X provides an entry regarding dissertations - phdthesis.

Visit Stack Exchange I am a final year Ph D in UK in a scientific discipline and I am writing my thesis.

I have already published 2 journal papers and I have submitted 2 more papers for publications.In other circumstances, I would not include it under "Publications," but instead list it more or less as you suggest.(Under "Dissertation Topic" as part of "Education.") I think your method (thesis title in the education section) is the standard one.It goes without saying that I cite/quote me at the end of a passage if I say something non-obvious (I found that slightly funny. The problem is that occasionally I am just explaining for instance how a certain estimation technique works; in that case I cite the original authors and not myself.The syntax in those occasions though is practically the same as the original passage I used in my publication; as I have explained it once and was consider good, I find no reason to reinvent myself (I do a mild rewording as I mentioned but that is quite insignificant). I do cite my paper in the beginning of a big list as the list's source but the list itself is almost identical as the one in "my" paper; in those cases I don't use quotations, just attribution "[]". The basic definition of plagiarism "" is not (directly) applicable to me because I am the other person (almost *); if I am using other people's work I do cite them but I don't cite myself, citing them, in quotation marks!I am a bit "fuzzy" about how not to plagiarize myself in my thesis (I have had no problem regarding my journal publications).(* In all publications mentioned I am the first -but not sole- author.) Even if your department does not allow a "stapler" thesis, it is entirely reasonable to expect that you should be able to freely use this material in a thesis.Of course the solution also marginally depends on the habits and regulations of the country where you completed the thesis.In countries like Germany, a dissertation thesis is required to be submitted to the university library, subsequently it is catalogued by the German National Library (Dissonline section) and receives an ISBN, hence it can be treated as a proper publication.In general, I would expect that you would have to include a copyright statement similar in form to hose that would be used were you to copy the entire paper outright.To cover against charges of plagiarism, I would simply acknowledge something like "Some passages have been quoted verbatim from the following sources," and list them.


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