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Sridhar Radhakrishnan Thesis Title: Nurturing as Safe Exploration promotes the Evolution of Generalized Supervised Learning Master Student: Hoke, Bryan Chair: Dr. Radhakrishnan Thesis Title: DEADLOCK AVOIDANCE IN DISTRIBUTED SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURES MS Student: Martin, John Matthew Chair: Dr. Antonio Thesis Title: ANALYSIS OF DEFAULT PROBABILITY OF CORPORATE BONDS WHEN THE INTEREST RATES ARE STOCHASTIC MS Student: Tokgoz, Emre Chair: Dr. Lakshmivarahan Dissertation Title: KALMAN FILTER BASED TECHNIQUES FOR ASSIMILATION OF RADAR DATA Ph D Student: Yussouf, Nusrat Chair: Dr. Lakshmivarahan Thesis Title: A CORRECTIVE MOVEMENT-BASED APPROACH TO THE ONLINE ADAPTATION OF NEURAL DECODERS FOR PROSTHESIS CONTROL MS Student: Goossaert, Emmanuel Chair: Dr. Fagg Thesis Title: SCHEDULING WORKFLOWS ON A CLUSTER OF MEMORY MANAGED MULTICORE MACHINES MS Student: Shrestha, Hira K.

Dean Hougen Thesis Title: Visualizing Data in Traditional Text Layouts with Application to Classical Latin Master Student: Rathnam, Jeyachandran Chair: Dr. Lakshmivarahan Thesis Title: THE GOZER WORKFLOW SYSTEM MS Student: Madden, Jason Chair: Dr. Antonio Thesis Title: OUTLIER DETECTION FOR DATA STREAMS MS Student: Sadik, Shiblee Chair: Dr. Gruenwald Thesis Title: ENHANCED SPATIO-TEMPORAL RELATIONAL PROBABILITY TREES AND FORESTS MS Student: Troutman, Nathaniel Chair: Dr. Mc Govern Thesis Title: LEARNING ENSEMBLES OF BAYESIAN NETWORK STRUCTURES USING RANDOM FOREST TECHNIQUES MS Student: Utz, Christopher Chair: Dr. Mc Govern Thesis Title: INFORMATION SHARING ON THE WEB: ARCHITECTURE, POLICIES AND COMPLAINCE MS Student: Joshi, Sourabh R.

Gruenwald Thesis Title: Multi-Objective Query Optimization For Mobile-Cloud Database Environments Based On A Weighted Sum Model MS Student: Helff, Florian Chair: Dr. Radhakrishnan Thesis Title: SURVIVABILITY, SCALABILITY, AND SECURITY FOR MOBILITY PROTOCOLS Ph D Student: Hossain, Shohrab Chair: Dr. Atiquzzaman Thesis Title: SURVIVABLE LOGICAL TOPOLOGY DESIGN UNDER MULTIPLE CONSTRAINTS IN IP-OVER-WDM NETWORKS Ph D Student: Lin, Tachun Chair: Dr. Thulasiraman Thesis Title: EXPERT MOVE PREDICTION FOR COMPUTER GO USING SPATIAL PROBABILITY TREES MS Student: Tidwell, Zack Chair: Dr. Mc Govern Thesis Title: ENERGY-EFFICIENT PROTOCOL DESIGN AND ANALYSIS FOR WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS Ph D Student: Zheng, Tao Chair: Dr. Radhakrishnan Thesis Title: TEACHING RECURSION THROUGH INTERACTIVE MEDIA MS Student: Hulsizer, Andrew Chair: Dr. Trytten Dissertation Title: SEXUAL SELECTION, RESOURCE DISTRIBUTION, AND GENETIC DRIFT IN SIMULATED ECOLOGICAL SPECIATION Ph D Student: Woehrer, Mark K.

Gruenwald Thesis Title: Study of Matrices Related To Discrere Logarithm In Kummer Extensions MS Student: Chen, Xuecheng Chair: Dr. Lakshmivarahan Thesis Title: Time-, Energy-, and Monetary Cost-Aware Cache Design for a Mobile-Cloud Database System MS Student: Perrin, Mikael Chair: Dr.

Williams PDF Querying and Visualization of Moving Objects Using Constraint Databases, Semere M.

Woldemariam PDF Study of comparison of OCS and Hybrid switching in FSO data centers, Suraj Yadav PDF Feature Extraction and Parallel Visualization for Large-Scale Scientific Data, Lina Yu PDF Autonomous UAVs for Near Earth Environmental Sensing, David J.

Motycka PDF Scale-Out Algorithm For Apache Storm In Saa S Environment, Ravi Kiran Puttaswamy PDF A Comprehensive Framework to Replicate Process-Level Concurrency Faults, Supat Rattanasuksun PDF Speech Emotion Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks, Somayeh Shahsavarani PDF Assessing the Quality and Stability of Recommender Systems, David Shriver PDF Consensus Ensemble Approaches Improve De Novo Transcriptome Assemblies, Adam Voshall PDF Evo Alloy: An Evolutionary Approach For Analyzing Alloy Specifications, Jianghao Wang PDF Higher-Level Consistencies: Where, When, and How Much, Robert J.

Woodward PDF DEPLOYING, IMPROVING AND EVALUATING EDGE BUNDLING METHODS FOR VISUALIZING LARGE GRAPHS, Jieting Wu PDF Reducing the Tail Latency of a Distributed No SQL Database, Jun Wu PDF Detection of Plant Emergence Based on Spatio Temporal Image Sequence Analysis, Bhushit Agarwal PDF Investigating Diversity in Open Multiagent Team Formation, Pooja Ahuja PDF An Unmanned Aerial System for Prescribed Fires, Evan M.


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