Phd Thesis Errata

You can get the instruction component approved by sending an enquiery to [email protected] submit your thesis electronically in Munin with the following attachments: your job to find the members.The Faculty of Health Sciences will cover the printing expenses.

Phd Thesis Errata Cause And Effect Essay Definition

The errata list must always be included in the dissertation.

If there is no women in the committee there documentation must shown that women have been asked to join.

The composition of the committee must be such that (§27 Ph D regulation): The faculty will send the committee an e-mail with the thesis and other relevant information regarding their work with the evaluation. It is the committees responsibility to find a date for the defence.

You will receive the committees evaluation at least three weeks before the defence.

You will get information regarding how to order the printing of your thesis with the e-mail informing you that your thesis is approved by the evaluation committee along with instructions for how to print your thesis.


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