Persuasive Essay For Not Wearing Uniforms

Students are forced to be part of the group When a school implements a uniform policy, they force the children to become part of a larger group.

This is a very good thing to happen within a school.

It means that all the students know they are on the same team.

It has literally the same effect as people wearing their team colors have.

Forcing students to wear uniforms lead to more problems and misbehavior instead of encouraging discipline.

Students could get into trouble if they did not wear their uniforms correctly.

It helps to boost learning, helps to raise the respect the children have for the school, and it elevates their personal pride in the school.

People are not elevated by clothing and as much superficial adornment In a school where uniforms are in place, there is no elevation of status based on clothing and such.

Many kids in today’s society cannot stand the thought of someone telling them what to do, especially what to wear.

Instead of encouraging respect, uniforms may cause rebellions.


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