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Unfortunately, he finds that Laura is decaying rapidly, that Wednesday, aka Odin, is a self-obsessed jerk, and that he himself is not at all who he thought he was.It is only when Shadow dies, while holding vigil for the recently murdered Wednesday, that he starts to understand the truth.

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You’ve seen what happens.” He tells Sandman about his mistakes and how he doesn’t think people ever change. Dream appears to him, appropriately adopting a more Bowie-esque appearance, and says, “I have always heard it was impolite to keep one’s friend waiting.” Being Endless, you might think Dream would not be interested in meaning or other human affairs, but this single issue provides an interesting window into Dream’s personality, ethos, and how he has changed due to his interaction with humans.

As issues continue, Dream becomes more and more receptive to humanity, just as he was with the ageless man.

When they meet again in 1889, the man says to Dream, “Y’know I think I know why we meet here century after century. “I think you’re lonely.” Dream becomes furious that the man would imply he “might befriend a mortal.” As he storms off, the man tells him that he’ll be there in another hundred years and if Dream shows then, it will be because they are friends.

It’s not because you want to see what happens when a man don’t die. I think you’re here for something else.” “And what might that be? In 1989, the deathless man sits alone at the pub, smoking a cigarette.

The old gods are disappearing because belief in them is waning and the new gods of media, technology, and modern transit are rising in their place.

Shadow lives with and encounters the impossible over and over throughout the course of the book, and all the while he tries to find a way to help Laura, help Wednesday, and help himself.

A couple years later, while on a graphic novel kick, I picked up , though, I found the two narratives to be distinct, but with interesting areas of overlap.

In both, Gaiman obsesses over the common questions that plague religion.

Once behind the scenes, Shadow reveals Wednesday’s plan to both the old and new gods, convincing them to leave the battlefield. She asks him to let her die and he pulls the coin that has been keeping her revived from her neck. Upon his escape and return to his previous stature, Dream sets about fixing all that is wrong in both the Dreaming and the waking world.

Shadow spends the majority of the narrative searching for meaning and truth. Most of what I learned on the tree I’ve already forgotten,” he said. Given the sheer quantity of #13, “Men of Good Fortune,” Gaiman diverts from the narrative and timeline of the other issues to foray into Dream’s relationship with one person in particular. The man decides he is simply not interested in dying, which Dream finds intriguing.


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