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He indicates that the play-within-a-play raises questions of imagination and stage reality (Davidson 87).Also, the author argues that Shakespeare uses this structure to parody the older dramatic styles of the public theaters fashionable when they tended to use the bombastic language and clumsily use the mythological subjects in their performance (Davidson 88).As the workmen turn the tragic drama of the Athenian lovers into a comic farce by their awful performance, Oberon does the same when his fairy Puck accidentally put the love potion on eyes of the wrong Athenian man.

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Another play which can be considered as a second play-within-a-play is written by the Oberon, the King of all fairies.

He creates a play in which the mortals are the performers.

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That is, the play does not clearly explain how the craftsmen come together and how or by whom they are selected to be worthy to play.

These characters and the sub play they perform exist to raise questions about the fitness for acting a certain role in a play.Pyramus and Thisbe face parental disapproval in the subplot just like the couple Lysander and Hermia do in the main plot.Despite its dramatic premise, the craftsmen play the love story of Pyramus and Thisbe in such a comical way that parodies the melodramatic Athenian lovers and gives the play a very joyful and comical ending.It is explained while the lovers and Theseus and Hippolyta are mocking the ridiculous performance of the laborers, the audiences watching the lovers watch the craftsmen’s play are concurrently aware of the lovers’ own absurdity.Moreover, the play-within-a-play of the craftsmen suggests the strict requirements and the limit of the theatre.Marriage and reconciliation are the means for resolving all conflicts.In Oberon’s play, Helena gets her love, Lysander and Hermia stays together, and Titania has a lesson of obedience.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.The play-within-a-play structure serves the function of recapping many important themes of The first play-within-a-play is a performance of Pyramus and Thisbe played by the laborers.It is similar to the main play in many aspects including commons in the story of the Athenian lovers and some of the overall themes.


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