Michigan Ross Mba Essays 2013

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A GPA of 4.0 on the University of Michigan campus is exceptional, but if you’re not involved in anything on campus and your essays aren’t great, you aren’t going to be admitted.

That is a hard conversation for me to have with students and their families.

That means only about one in ten of that pool of applicants had a chance of getting into the school, Moody Rideout said.

Moody Rideout spoke with Poets&Quants for Undergrads’ Alison Damast about the challenges her office faces as the business major becomes more popular at the University of Michigan, how applicants can demonstrate leadership in their applications, and why she thinks more students are trying to portray themselves as entrepreneurs.

Besides being ranked Top 10 by US News & World Report in 9 out of 10 MBA specializations, Ross also boasts centers focused on social impact: the Center for Social Impact, the Center for Positive Organizations, and the ERB Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise.

Students have the flexibility to take 10 out of their 57 credits outside the business school (Michigan has 100 graduate programs ranked top 10 in the US).98% of graduates last year had job offers within 3 months of graduation.About Our Guest Son Nguyen is Associate Director of Admissions at Stephen M.Preferred admission was not unique to Ross at the time because there were many other preferred options at other schools at the University of Michigan.What is unique is that at Ross we have the most competitive Preferred Admission program on campus.Do students stand a better chance at getting into Ross if they decide to apply to the school their freshman year versus through the Preferred Admission program?The numbers are in their favor if they apply their freshman year.We enroll a class of 500 sophomores every year and one-quarter are preferred admits and the other three-quarters are regular admits.We got 1,139 regular admit applications last year and admitted about 409 students.They need a GPA of 3.68, so their GPA needs to be high and college courses are really tough.It’s not that it is easier per say to get in, but the numbers are much more in their favor.


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