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The Metamorphosis: Use Of Comedy And Irony Essay, Research Paper To what extent did Kafka usage comedy/irony to develop his tragic, misanthropic position of society and household?

Gregor Samsa, a immature going salesman who lives with and financially supports his parents and younger sister, Grete, wakes up one forenoon to happen & # 8220 ; himself changed in his bed into a monstrous varmint & # 8221 ; or insect.

They are ill of caring for him and they are afraid. The difference is that Eve is offered the apple, with Gregor, the apple is thrown at him. s metabolism and the find of it by the household, Gregor?

The tragic thing is non the fact that the ammo is apples, but that one apple got embedded in Gregor? Patching it all together, indirectly, it is Gregor? s male parent, takes over the place Gregor had in the household. Samsa, an & # 8220 ; old adult male & # 8221 ; who stayed at place and relied on his boy for fiscal support, all of a sudden changes to a bank functionary who is & # 8220 ; keeping himself really erect & # 8221 ; .

How society can interrupt you down and do you one of their marionettes.

He besides clearly shows how your ain household can turn against you if something out of the ordinary occurs.

The manner he describes it, can already be seen as amusing: & # 8220 ; First he tried to acquire out of bed with the lower portion of his organic structure, but this lower part- which by the manner he had non seen yet and which he could non organize a clear image of- proved excessively hard to stir ; it was taking so long ; and when eventually, about out of his head, he lunged frontward with all his force, without lovingness, he had picked the incorrect way and slammed himself violently against the lower bedpost, & # 8221 ; , merely conceive of a elephantine beetle seeking to mount out his bed and clumsily aching himself in the procedure.

Kafka decidedly seemed to love the amusing sides of what might otherwise hold been seen as a hopeless state of affairs.


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