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Make sure to experiment - the only way to find out how you memorize best is by trying to memorize in different ways.

Externally administered final exam is really important, given that it comprises half of student’s final assessment result in a subject.

Once you have tested yourself completely, you can always go back and revise it again.

While memorizing essays can be difficult, many students face issues with even writing them.

You learn best by hearing, seeing, or doing, so find out what type of learner you are and have matching memorization techniques.

In addition, ask people who know you well and/or are familiar with memorizing (teachers, actors, etc.) to help you out.

Can you recite the Gotye tune to 'Somebody that I used to know'? So, imagine if you replaced the words to the song with the topic sentences for an essay, or for major quotes from an English text?

Then when you're in the exam struggling to remember the quote, you can just quietly hum the melody and it'll help to trigger the words too!

This will make it easier for you to remember the whole content in forms of smaller paragraphs and portions.

One of the many essentials for being able to study properly is that one needs to have a proper space to be able to study at.


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