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Step Three: Create Your Responsibility Matrix Draw a matrix.The deliverables are the column headings, and the people are the row titles.

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A RACI chart is a matrix of the project tasks (from the WBS) against the people in the project (from the OBS).

It ensures that everybody knows what they are expected to deliver, by giving every task has an accountable task owner.

(In this case a supporter is someone doing part of the work, but not responsible to see that it is completed.) Instead of these letters, symbols can be use to identify the relationship between the individuals and the activities.

Harold Kerzner He also gives an example of a communication responsibility matrix where the rows are the communication initiators, the columns are the recipients, and the symbols in the chart indicate the frequency of the reporting.

The intersections in the table formed by these categories in the rows and columns, identify the level of participation in the activity. Usually the columns are the people or roles and the rows are the activities, responsibilities, or functions.

Sometimes the matrix will use the RASIC letters (responsible, approver, supporter, inform, consult).Personally, I advocate the use of Accountable for one, and only one person on each task.There are several tools that you can use to create these matrices.It's not a list of every task: rather, it's a "tree" structure showing the meaningful groups of activities that make up the main segments of the project.Step Two: Identify the People Involved Map out who is on your project team.A responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) is one way of showing some of the roles and responsibilities in the project.It is usually a table with the staff (by role or name) crossed by the responsibility (by work package or activity). RACI stands for responsible, accountable (or in some schemes, approver or assists), consult and inform. Other terms for a responsibility assignment matrix include responsibility matrix or linear responsibility chart (LRC).By creating a chart of individuals who are available, you can then delegate work assignments based on expertise, and you can recruit talent that you’re missing.This step is often called an “Organization Breakdown Structure” because it creates an organizational chart for your team.The APM (Bo K 6th edition) further states that a RAM is used to assign the work packages to the people responsible for creating the project’s output.So when you have a list of those involved in the project (the OBS) and the tasks in the project (the WBS) you can create your matrix!


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