Math Problem Solving Method

Math Problem Solving Method-22
In this paper, I am addressing issues and concerns related to mathematical problem solving.

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If the instructors understanding of the process is limited, difficulties in teaching mathematical problem solving, will arise.

Hence the great need to understand these factors and skills if we want to help our students acquire this important process.

Problem-solving as an event or reward is not what we have in mind for our school mathematics.

What do we mean when we say “mathematics problems”?

That approach could be characterized as “teaching about problems”, or “teaching how to solve problems”.

The school mathematics we envision is more fulsome, and uses problems as the basis for exploring the mathematical ideas of the curriculum, building skills and understanding, and builds more flexible and capable mathematical thinkers.In fact one of the main difficulties in learning problem solving is the fact that many skills are needed for a learner to be an effective problem solver.Also, these factors and skills make the teaching of problem solving one of the most complex topic to teach.Problem solving can also be used, as a teaching method, for a deeper understanding of concepts.Successful mathematical problem solving depends upon many factors and skills with different characteristics.Mathematical problem solving is a process that involves a set of factors and tasks to achieve a defined goal.It depends on many skills and factors which therefore makes it challenging both to learn and to teach.Mathematics is now used to quantify numerically and spatially natural as well as man-made situations.It is used to solve problems and with the advent of the computer technology, it has helped in making social, economical and technological advances that few decades ago would have been unthinkable.Students learning is limited if only routine problems are solved.The problems used to create genuine learning opportunities should be of the challenging type and not only those similar to ones already solved in the past.


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