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The plot itself comes to life with the appearance of the Crawfords, both of whom are of dubious character and seek to engage various members of the family.

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Miss Crawford befriends the downtrodden Fanny and Mr Crawford is attracted to her.

She is raised as was the custom not on equal terms with her cousins but as her position dictated, that she should be at all times agreeable to the family and to know her place.

She is constantly reminded of this by her mother's other sister Mrs Norris.

Clueless Mr Rushworth is rich, so he takes what is his due in Maria Bertram, while Mr Crawford becomes too interested in engaged Maria and Julia at once As the young people decide to stage a passionate play, they are on course for all kinds of moral mischief, avoided in the nick of time by the return of Sir Thomas, but long discerned by Edmund and Fanny.

Then, though, Mr Crawford seems to suddenly get more interested in Fanny, and Edmund in Crawfords sister But does Crawford genuinely love Fanny or is it only a game to him?


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