Language Barrier Essay

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For this to be successful, the learner needs to have an educated speaker who can help in correcting pronunciation mistakes (Cronjé, 2009).

Besides pronunciation, immigrants need to understand rhythm, intonation and stress, commonly used by native speakers of the foreign language.

Because of this barrier, affected immigrants are prone to misunderstanding, since the information passed across cannot be accurately interpreted. As an element of cultural identity, human language is diverse and unique.

For instance, English speakers are likely to encounter communication problems when interacting with Frenchmen because of the disjoint nature of the languages being used.

While one may decide not to conform to a new country’s behavior, it is never optional to learn a new language in a foreign country (Cronjé, 2009).

In fact, it is believed that the process of learning a new language ought to be considered as an adaptive approach in overcoming a wide range of barriers encountered by immigrants.

However, these barriers shouldn’t be problems when adapting new environments.

This can be realized through familiarization of another country’s language before immigrating (Cronjé, 2009).

Besides language uniqueness, the difference in accent affects the attainment of effective communication.

It is not surprising that some English-speaking students find the American accent to be a barrier to effective communication (Kim & Mattila, 2011).


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