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If you find yourself reading the same page over and over, it's a clue that the music is a distraction, not a help. Taking a short break between assignments can help your mind stay fresh and focused.

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Learning how to get organized, stay focused, and get things done are must-have skills when it comes to managing your schoolwork. Keep your assignments and class information organized by subject. If you find yourself stuffing loose papers in your bag or grabbing different notebooks for the same class, it's time to stop and reorganize! Decide where to keep returned assignments and things you want to hold on to. It's best to work at a desk or table where you can spread out your work. That way, when you sit down, your mind knows you're there to work and can help you focus more quickly. Use a planner or organization app to keep track of your schoolwork: Avoid Distractions. That means you're less likely to do well on that test.

Beyond helping you get good grades, these skills help you in just about everything in life. Park your devices and only check them after your work is done. Others say they study best if they listen to background music.

Before your child starts her schoolwork, encourage her to take 5 minutes to focus on what she needs to do.

This can take the form of writing down what she will do.

Have your child set up a file folder for each of his academic subjects.

He can do this with regular office-supply folders or make his own folders with construction paper.

If you're looking for suggestions to help kids get more organized about their schoolwork, here are some ideas to try: Set up a homework/study calendar. Encourage your child to use a red pen to mark the dates of tests or due dates for important projects.

Then have him use a green pen for activities leading up to the due date.

Allow your mind to absorb what you've just studied.

Break time is when you can put on a song that makes you dance and sing!


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