Keyboard Smash Essay

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Impress your friends and family by learning how to type faster!

The following steps will increase your ability to touch-type at a faster speed.

So it makes sense to think of every comma as a one-second pause and every period as a two-second pause. This goes back to that Kurt Vonnegut quote at the top of this story.

The end of every sentence gives your reader time to catch their breath.“Presently, as I went on, still gaining velocity, the palpitation of night and day merged into one continuous greyness; the sky took on a wonderful deepness of blue, a splendid luminous color like that of early twilight; the jerking sun became a streak of fire, a brilliant arch, in space; the moon a fainter fluctuating band; and I could see nothing of the stars, save now and then a brighter circle flickering in the blue.”Really, you don’t even need the semicolon on your roster. The semicolon is a flashing red light that says, “Hey, reader, I know things.” And flashy writing isn’t accessible writing.

This survey found that 54% of respondents reported verbally abusing their computers, and 40% reported that they had become physically violent toward their computers.

The survey also found that most users experienced computer rage three to four times a month.

Keeping yourself in check is easier than you think.

Built into Microsoft Word is a tool called “Readability Statistics.” You can enable it here: You can see that I’m practicing what I preach—short words, short sentences and good readability. Send your clumsiest sentences to the great word graveyard in the sky.

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