Internet Censorship Thesis

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As a result, this research tries to critically analyze whether individuals are better off with free access to the information, or if such individuals should be protected from what the governing organ considers as being harmful, indent or illicit (Hamade, 2008). What is Internet filtering and how is it conducted? There are many using of the software in the marked what it is? Is internet filtering considered protection or censorship? What are the countries which monitor some websites? Why some countries have extraordinary effort to barriers the specific websites?

Literature Review Internet Filtering Internet filtering is a phrase that has been used to describe content control software and/or internet censorship.

Some programs like UNIX have been equipped with filtering programs.

Such filtering programs get most of its data from a stand point, and end up writing its major results to standard outputs.

Such useful information might be of no harm to anybody, but since they might contain some sites or words stated in the software data base, the entire information gets affected.

Filtering Software Internet filtering software is also called content control software, or censor-software, are computer programs are used in data streaming processes.This means that, such laws and regulations might also criminalize the sending of indecent materials over the internet.Their have been some laws and regulations which have ensure the protection of minors.The other way is by the use of technical techniques.In achieving this, governing bodies in some parts world have ensured that they control online contents at the backbone level, that is near the international gateways.This prevents their viewers from accessing certain cite.There are times, the laws politely asks stakeholders like the government service providers and users as well as industries to produce codes of conducts, and ensure that such codes have been implemented to the later (Hamade, 2008 ).To some extent, this can be attained first through laws and regulations, and secondly through technical means.By the use of laws and regulations, the governing body might set rules and regulations that burs the use or provision of some materials, all internet users have to abide by the laws or ends up being locked in jail.Such softwares are used in filtering internet contents to ensure that are not easily accessed and obtained without elaborate circumvention.It has been proved that, similar arguments that apply to offline censorship and filtering have been applied to online censor.


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