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Independent reading teaching strategies can help change that.

Reading is a critical attribute of a lifelong learner, yet many students seem to learn that reading is just something teachers make you do in school.

The idea of reading for pleasure or reading for passion is foreign to many students when the only reading they know is the reading the teacher assigns.

She giggled at her idea that he forgot Grandma and needs to run back to the house.

I’m sure Ariel could have read the book in 3 minutes, with very few errors.

The only requirement is that they are constantly reading.

(This helps with the discrepancies between reading speed, etc.If Susie doesn’t like to sit at her desk to read, let her make her very own cozy reading nook that she can bring only her favorite books into.Follow your child’s interests and give lots of praise for their efforts. Study Strategy: Find a way to make the excuse part of the solution. Ask the child to explain why it is stupid or boring?Ariel has come home with a book titled, “Grandpa Gets Going.” As the title suggests, Grandpa goes to a new location at each page.I don’t really blame her for thinking the book is boring. As she read each page, I asked what she would have liked to happen that would have made it a better story. She wanted him to go to the park instead of the game.and has worked great for me so far.)– The mini lessons should be short and sweet.I found that my students generally took a lot of time on their discussion board posts, and I still wanted them to have time to read every day, so I kept my entire lesson to 15 minutes max.– I did not censor the content of the books, but I did put a disclaimer that it should be “appropriate for a high school reader” meaning not I also had parents sign a permission form to cover all the bases.– I think you could pretty easily adapt this unit for students as young as third or fourth grade and to cover all kinds of topics/genres (memoirs, classics, survival stories, dystopian, etc.). complaining, but my house looks like 12 zoo animals live here, and I’ve had on the same pair of black leggings since Thursday morning. #awesome My fellow teachers know the snow day struggle…At this point in the game, you start to live in anxiety that the next day will be the day you have to go back to school. On that note, I totally think there should be some kind of a rule that if you miss more than two days of school for snow, the first day back MUST be a 2-hour delay. Anyway, joking aside, snow day season can be tricky for planning.It will help them as they continue on this reading journey for the rest of their lives.Look out for the next installments of our Homework Help series!


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