How To Write A Professional Research Paper

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One of the major parts is a summary which must help your reader to define whether the topic is related to his own studies or whether the paper would sound interesting to him. While you’re a school or college student, it’s not that important.

However, if you want the highest score, then you’ll have to stick to the general rules.

Mind that the summary which is called abstract has to be no longer than 200 words or even less.

While the title comes on the first page, this section pops up just after the outline or table of contents.

It is recommended to complete an abstract once a student is done with the rest of the text. You can include everything that has to be in a good abstract in just one long sentence.

It would be easier to summarize what was written then. The process of developing an abstract can be made simpler if you keep to the recommended structure.

The elements that must be included in your research paper’s abstract are: Keep in mind that the first paragraph, introduction, should not exceed a couple of pages double spaced.

The main goal of a strong introduction is to acquaint the reader with the sense of the research to defend it later.

Include materials in the end if you want extra points.

As for the writing format, your research paper has to be: Collect all possible ideas that are somehow related to your main topic.


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