How To Solve Water Pollution Problems

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But, bleach, paint, paint thinner, ammonia, and many chemicals are becoming a serious problem. Your community may have a recycling center that can take the old paint, used motor oil, and other chemicals and recycle them.

If you combine millions of people every month dumping toxic chemicals down the drain or flushing them down the toilet, the effects add up. Community collection centers and drop-off sites also exist in some areas.

Many companies now sell non-toxic cleaners and biodegradable cleaners and pesticides.

Spending a little extra money on those products automatically cuts down on water pollution.

Report people who pour oil in storm drains, toss bags of trash in a stream, and so on.

No matter where you live in the country, there are going to be charities working on watershed protection, water pollution cleanup, and similar causes.Phosphates aren’t the only harmful chemicals in cleaners.Phosphates lead to algae blooms and kill fish and other aquatic animals by reducing the oxygen in the water.Everyone understands that clean water is vitally important.Yet, many things we do can contribute to water pollution in different ways.Use reusable, insulated containers to hold drinks and make your own filtered water at home.Oil and other fluids leak from motor vehicles and end up in the local water table, or running off into creeks and streams.Raising animals for meat takes lots of water for the grains and other foods they need, as well as to keep them alive.Further, the antibiotics and solid waste both tend to end up in groundwater and rivers.Grease, fat, and used cooking oil should be disposed of in the trash or kept in a “fat jar” for disposal with other solid waste.Your pipes might clog and cause sewer pipes to clog and back up into yards and basements. You can further cut down on water pollution by using just enough of these cleaners to do the job.


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