How To Publish Research Paper In International Journal

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The Journal is started with noble effort to help the researchers in their work and also to share knowledge and research ideas.All research interested scholars are given best opportunity to make world aware of their work.Make sure before the publication phase you have completed all the necessity details.

International Journal of Research Publication (IJRP) is a quality publication of peer reviewed and refereed international journals from diverse fields in sciences, engineering and technologies , Business and many more that emphasizes new research, development and their applications.

International Journal of Research Publications publish monthly journal.

International journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology (IJEAB) publish research paper of related fields.

We give you a platform to share and broadcast your knowledge publically DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

The paper published by authors are easily available, and online readable.

How To Publish Research Paper In International Journal Essay Analyze Movie

IJEAB is an open access online journal that accepts the worldwide papers of professional researchers.

Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Planetary Science, Energy, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Engineering, Material Science, Statistics.

Arts and Humanities, Business Management, Hotel Management, Management, Tourism, Accounting, Decision Science, Education, Economics, Law, Finance, Psychology, Political Science, Physical Education, English Literature, Social Work and History.

Whether you are submitting survey paper there is the same criteria.

If the publisher found the final paper version not matched, it will go in rejection phase.


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