Homework Too Much

Homework assignments may improve memory and help to gain other important skills such as: Kids’ parents used to be students in a different period of time, so they are not able to compensate what modern teachers can give.

Because of the difference in epochs, students are given more homework assignments by their teachers.

All homework assignments are equally important because each of them adds up to the great point average (GPA).

This indicator shows student’s overall performance during the entire school education.

However, it has to do with the academic achievement too.

Quality homework turned in on time guarantees a better grade at the end of the class/course.But discussions on blogs like Great or Stop reveal a belief that the workload assigned to students may be too heavy. some nights desperately trying to finish three colossal essays.In theory, homework seems like a good idea, just a little bit of looking over what was learned in class and answering a few questions to feel more comfortable with the material. I’m an eighth grade student at an American school and my teachers pile on homework, so much where I am staying up until nearly three in the morning.Second, many students do not recognize the important role of homework assignments in their life.Spending time on learning at home is an important practice.When children come home and start spending time with their family or friends, they unintentionally forget part of the information learned in class.That is another reason to get engaged in some school related activities even after class.I LOVE school and I truly do have a passion for learning, it’s just these extra worksheets are not teaching me anything. Do you tend to work alone, or do your parents or friends help? Students: Read the entire article, then tell us:— Do your teachers assign too much homework? — Does homework cause stress and tension in your family? — Is homework, including projects and writing assignments you do at home, an important part of your learning experience? Please keep in mind that some opinions are subjective. Thus, if the homework assignments are too long, it is better to divide them into several smaller parts.First, we consulted experts from New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and teachers from several American schools to find out how much homework is enough. American teachers named day to be the best time to study, so students should avoid postponing their homework to the last minute at night. The best teachers worked together trying to define the most proper amount of time children of different age should spend on their homework assignments.


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