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"Proctor: (furious)(Page 83) The audience now start thinking that proctor has a better chance of winning.

"Proctor: (furious)(Page 83) The audience now start thinking that proctor has a better chance of winning.

Elizabeth feels she has to be strong for both of them and will not let her weakness or sorrow show ‘catches a weakening in herself and drowns it…

not let herself be drowned in the sea that threatens her’.

The hatred he feels is towards the judges for making him give the confession and also towards himself for giving into it.

Proctor refuses to let them have his signed confession because it’s his name and his name is his pride. He knows if his confession is nailed to the door he will be branded a liar, a witch and he will never be able to change it.

Miller’s choice of words is very powerful because the word “sea” instead of tears portrays to the audience just how deep the sorrow she feels is which immediately makes the audience sympathize, if not empathize with the couple.

Through adversity, their relationship changes, it made them stronger even though they were separated.If John confesses others will follow suit and it will show the court as being fair.Proctor is momentarily prepared to give a confession because he wanted to live for Elizabeth and she wants him to live but isn’t prepared to tell him which way to go because she knew how important it was to John to see “goodness” in himself.I'm meant to be writing a critical essay on The Crucible on Thursday and I just feel like English for me, is a lost cause.I honestly cannot write an essay on the spot in an exam so was wondering what sort of questions I should prepare for?The writer shows how these things have an affect on the audience and how they feel about the play.Act 3 starts with voices off stage, there is no visual.John Proctor is desperately in need of Elizabeth’s judgement and approval unlike in Act 2.Elizabeth is not quick to judge but instead she tries to share the blame for the breakdown in their relationship ‘it takes a cold wife to prompt lechery’.This is very magnanimous of her because none of the blame was hers to take. The word ‘The Crucible’ is a very good metaphor for this point in the play because as they forgive each other, they finally separate the impurities from their love.Proctor’s confession comes to be important to the authorities because of his reputation ‘it is a weighty name; it will strike the village that proctor confess’.


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