High School History Essay Grading Rubric

High School History Essay Grading Rubric-59
In a persuasive essay, each paragraph should begin with a sentence that makes a claim.The body of that paragraph, then, should support the claim with examples, facts, and logic.

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An effective essay is also unified and well organized.

Each paragraph in the body of the paper should begin with a topic sentence telling the main point of the paragraph.

When grading papers for style, look at the kinds of words and sentences your student has used.

Style can include concreteness, conciseness, sentence variety, tense agreement, and voice.

I learned to grade papers by trial, error, and necessity when I first began teaching writing.

Many years and hundreds of papers later, those methods have proved solid and reliable—and I’m confident they’ll help you’ll feel more prepared.In one or two sentences, the thesis should state the essay topic, give the purpose of the essay, and suggest the main points your student will develop in the paragraphs that follow.A typical writing assignment goes through each of these stages: Not every paper must jump through these hoops.For a stronger grade, this kind of prose should follow the five stages of storytelling.Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence completeness fall under the heading of mechanics.Last week we might have let an error slip by, yet this week we’ll red-pencil that same mistake with a vengeance.One thing is certain: Homeschooling moms are always relieved to learn that parts of writing can be quantified.By clearly expressing what excellence looks like, a rubric helps students understand what they need to work on.It takes time to create a quality rubric, but this is where can help.The more solid the content, the higher the grade you can assign.A fictional story or narrative will be organized in a different way, but it should still flow well from start to finish.


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