Hesi Critical Thinking Test

The Testing Center at Central Campus collaborates with SJC Central Campus's ADN and Radiography programs by offering HESI A2 testing.This exam consists of Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension, Math, Grammar, Vocabulary and Anatomy & Physiology sections.

Difference Between HESI & HESI A2 Nursing Exams This article explains what the HESI A2 nursing exam is and introduces the HESI Exit Exam.

It compares who uses these tests, what their purpose is and the score requirements for both of these HESI tests.

Additionally, you scores will be accessible through your Evolve account after all exams associated with your payment ID have completed (availability varies).

If you need additional access to your scores, please contact Dan Reed at [email protected] assistance.

Because of these similarities, your scores can be an accurate prediction of how you'll fare on the real exam.

Some schools recommend completing prerequisite courses before you attempt an HESI admissions test.

: Offered at Central All HESI testing offered is intended solely for SJC students.

Please consult with your college or institution if you need to test to learn what requirements, availability and accommodations they can provide.

If you do not have an Evolve account, you can create one .

The Testing Center will provide a print copy of your score report once you finish your exam.


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