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The easier to digest, visually driven stories are more inviting for some.I assume this is due in part to the fact that we live in a world awash in imagery, from streaming movies and TV shows to social media where video, photos and infographics reign supreme.I so enjoyed this process, and now feel comfortable with it, that I am planning to write another graphic novel, a work of fiction set in a post-apocalyptic world.

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In some cases, we also provided the artist with some reference material, such as photos of my family, neighborhood, school and church.

Here’s a sample script page: The artist would then provide a rough sketch for my approval, that looked like this: Next would come a black-and-white version of that page, which looked like this: Then another person, who was not the artist, would add the color.

While still not fully mainstream, you have probably already noticed the proliferation of graphic novels where you shop for books.

NPD Bookscan reports that comics and graphic novels have seen “compound annual unit sales growth of 15 percent over the last three years, making it one of the highest growth categories in the trade book marketplace.” In other words, it’s not just stereotypical comic book nerds buying graphic novels. I have dozens of family, friends and colleagues who chose not to read my narrative memoir but who have already read the graphic novel version.

Graphic Novels The following entry presents analysis and criticism of graphic novels, a genre of literature that combines narrative and illustration, through 2003.

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For further information on graphic novels, see CLC, Volume 86.

I had some sense of graphic novels, of course, but I paid them no heed.

Truth be told, I suppose I even looked down on them as if they were somehow beneath a “real” writer, reader and book lover such as myself.

(Two colorists contributed to my book.) And then the captions are added, a process called lettering.

This is a specialty in its own right and is typically done by someone other than the lead artist. Here’s a sample finished page: Perhaps needless to say, we made edits and changes along the way, though we always worked hard to get each stage right before moving on to the next, as it’s much more efficient to make changes to visuals before they are colored and the lettering is added.


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