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University might seem a long way off when you’re deciding on your GCSEs or picking up your results, but your GCSE choices and grades can directly impact your later options at sixth form or college – and ultimately, your university choices.Most universities look for at least a 5 or 4 (previously a C) in GCSE English, maths and perhaps science.If you're collecting results in summer 2019, things will be a lot simpler than it has been for previous students, as pretty much all GCSE subjects will be marked under the new system, outlined above.

If you've got an idea of the degree subject you want to study, take a look at the entry requirements for specific courses at universities and work back from there (ie 'This university course requires these A-levels; and to get on to this A-level course, I need these GCSEs...').

If you haven't got a clue about what you want to study at university just yet, our A-level Explorer tool can help with some early university ideas.

I identify my students’ strengths and weakness of a topic and from there I can develop a targeted approach to meet their needs, ensuring that they grasp the basic concepts before I introduce them to more complex concepts.

I have helped students I tutor to gain a better understanding of the subject which was evident when they independently corrected their mistakes of their baseline assessments.

My main experience has been volunteering-based, as I was a volunteer for 2 years at a special-needs school, where I helped out in the classroom with a range of age-groups, teaching subjects from Science to English.

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I also have two younger siblings, whom I have helped with their schoolwork for a number of years, in particular informally tutoring my brother in Latin and English.

They join English and maths, which were awarded numerical grades for the first time last summer.

A smaller proportion of entries were awarded a grade 9 this summer – the new highest grade, compared with A* under the old system.

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association Of School And College Leaders (ASCL), said that rather than focusing on GCSE reforms, we should be looking at making changes to A-levels.

He said: ‘Everyone has to stay in education to 18 [now], so why have we got children doing at least 30 hours of exams, all the stress and all the time and all the money that is, when actually for employers, it’s what they get at the age of 18 that’s going to be important. And this is looking to me like a qualification that time forgot.’ He added that there should be more focus on the youngsters who score at the lower end of the grade scale.


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