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Accomplishing the goal of gender equality requires both men and women to work jointly in sorting and hunting for the solutions, in the particular ways that encourage and support mutual trust and respect.The programs to ensure gender equality should address all types of violence against women, including trafficking in girls and women, promoting positive role of women in peace building and conflict scenarios.

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Gender equality signifies a society in which men and women enjoy the similar opportunities, outcomes, obligations and rights in every sphere of life.

Equality between women and men exist only when both sexes are capable of sharing mutually in the distribution of influence and power; have equal opportunities for monetary freedom through formation of businesses or work; enjoy equal and easy access to education and the prospects to develop own personal goals.

When men and women enjoy equality, the direct outcome is an instant and stable growth in economy.

The educated and healthy women in a society are more supportive and accommodating towards their families and nations.

It is anticipated that men seem to do much riskier and heavier work that is generally located away from their home.

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Work done by men seems to have much higher status as compared with women who have the major responsibility for child-care, elderly-care, preparing and managing food for their families.It should also be ensured that the issues of gender equality are effectively incorporated into infrastructure and governance activities.Gender equality is the foremost and primary human right.Inequality for Women “Women and men are not created equal.They each have their God given strengths, focused on their responsibilities for procreation and family viability. however those differences do not condone gender discrimination in society, and certainly not in the workplace.” (Malkin, 2005) Women mostly have unequal access to health services and education, face glass ceiling at work place.Women also have unequal access to major economic resources like credit, capital, land and labor.Restricted opportunities for career advancement and employment are available for women.The legal system in most of the countries discriminates particularly against women in the fields of inheritance, family law, land ownership, property, criminal law and citizenship.The prosecution of cases, in most of the countries, involving violence against women is difficult and complex.(Kramer, 2004) Despite many agreements at international level affirming the human rights of women and ensuring the cause of gender equality, women are yet to be more likely, as compared with men, to be malnourished, poor and illiterate.They generally have a low level of access then men to property ownership, medical care, employment, credit and training.


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