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crafted by rain and shadow.” In contrast to the simple sentences in the opening, this longer complex sentence slows the pace of the writing down and paints a vivid and horrific picture of the animals screaming and escaping from their cages.

We as readers find this engaging as we wonder whether there will be any salvation for the animals and the narrator, or whether we are witnessing a tragedy unfold. Focus this part of your answer on the second part of the Source from line 19 to the end.

Pick up and teach these inspiring and engaging scheme of works with clearly structured lesson plans and worksheets for teaching the fiction and non-fiction writing sections of the GCSE English Language exams.

Reduce planning time and foster a love of writing in teachers and students alike! Makes creative writing enjoyable and offers great strategies for helping students generate ideas...

Now she could like him for who he was, and not the perfect image of him she had had in her head before.

Even the best people have faults, and she was happy to see his. As we read and witness the events unfold, we cannot help but feel sadness and pity for the narrator.This essay will examine how the writer successfully makes us as readers feel sympathy for the narrator.**Please download the attached sample paper to understand the model answer** Q1.Read again the first part of the Source from lines 1 to 12.In the time they had spent together, he had never raised her voice at her, apart from the day she finished with him, and that had been understandable. "I was not ignoring you Liam, but I will in a minute if you keep acting like this. Waking up in Sean's arms had been come sort of fantasy before, but now things were different.Everything had now been put into a different perspective, and as she saw police cars mulling about and an ambulance speeding away she realized she still liked him, fancied him even, but wasn't infatuated by the thought of him anymore. As Sean saw her eyes open, he smiled at her and gently lowered her to the ground. Once she was standing, she leant into him, placing her lips on his, but he pulled back and looked at her, his green eyes looking intently into hers. " he asked, touching her cheek tenderly, his hand gently sweeping over her tear stained face. " She leant forwards again and as he embraced her, she was sure that he was feeling the electric through him which she was feeling. How does the writer use language here to describe the narrator’s fright and confusion?Answer: The writer uses several rhetorical questions to highlight the narrator’s fright and confusion. ” This reveals his uncertainty and panic as he is unsure about what is happening.


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