Garage Door Opener Problem Solving

Garage Door Opener Problem Solving-42
We installed a Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door System a few years ago and we love it.It’s a great way to have a backup way to open and close your garage door.

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Don’t call that garage door repair service yet, do some troubleshooting first using our easy DIY tips to solve minor faulty garage door problems yourself.

Your garage door is an integral working part of your house that becomes a huge inconvenience when the door breaks down suddenly.

Even small objects in the tracking brackets can cause the safety mechanism to engage.

If there are no visible obstructions that could be blocking the garage door from closing, then it’s worth trying resetting the opening and closing limits on the garage door opener.

If changing the remote batteries didn’t solve your problem, then the next step will be to check the “eye” on the remote and the signal receiver antenna of the opener.

Remote Frequencies: Garage door remotes and opener units use frequencies to transmit and receive their signals.

Competing neighboring garage doors which are on the same frequencies can cause this unnerving event to happen.

Each remote model may have a different protocol in its service manual for changing the remote frequency.

If the garage door opens as usual but refuses to close, this is usually a sign of track obstructions that activate the door’s safety feature, or it could be a sign of dirty photo-eyes that are part of the safety feature that keeps the garage door from closing on an object or a person.

These photo eyes are located on each side of the garage door and are sensors that detect anything that crosses the sensor beam’s path.


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