Formfinding Thesis

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However, the design of these complex columns is often done by the computer and optimizing software.

There is a missing link in the field of structural mechanics and these types of columns, the knowledge of forces flowing through these complex three-dimensional structures.

A shape often used as a support of this free-form architecture is the tree-like column or branching column.

A structure branching out and redirecting forces from a big roof surface to one single point.

‘Form-finding of branching structures supporting freeform architectural surfaces’ is the graduation thesis of the master track Building Technology at the University of Technology in Delft.

This thesis is made by Alex kouwenhoven in the time-span of three-quarter of a year and tutored by Andrew Borgart and Ate Snijder.

Tensegrity (tensional integrity) is a structural principle where rigid elements (struts) under compression are held together by a network of elastic elements (cables) under tension.

Tensegrity structures have many applications in modelling the natural world.

The report supporting the submission is given in two sections: an introduction reviewing the behaviour and analytical requirements of tension structures which relates subsequent chapters to other publications, and a conclusion correlating the papers into an overall context of interactive design and analysis.

For the sake of completeness as a thesis, main appendices A-D have been included at the end of the thesis to give comprehensive reviews of published work relating respectively to static analysis, form: -finding, dynamic analy1sis, and the development and mathematical basis of dynamic relaxation.


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