Form Of Ownership In A Business Plan

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You may also want to address any areas of perceived weakness by explaining how you'll overcome them or compensate.

If you were updating your report and were directed to this page, then the update process will need to be restarted.

Several elements of the company summary are covered here, including the name (XYZ Consulting), history (new company), description of services (web promotion, SEO, advertising) and why it's needed (improve positioning in search engines), and the target market (higher education).

Next, you might provide more information about location, legal structure, and management, and offer more details about the company's history, objectives, goals, and strengths.

If the partners in a joint venture repeat the activity, they will be recognized as an ongoing partnership and will have to file as such as well as distribute accumulated partnership assets upon dissolution of the entity.

Federal Tax Forms for Partnerships: (only a partial list and some may not apply) Corporations A corporation chartered by the state in which it is headquartered is considered by law to be a unique entity, separate and apart from those who own it.This is where you can highlight all of the business' strengths and anything that might give it a competitive advantage in the field.If the goal of your business plan is to secure funding, then you'll want to focus on areas that will appeal to investors and lending institutions, such as why you're the best person to run the business, your experience in this field, any expertise or special talents on the team, and how you plan to make the business a success.This decision will have long-term implications, so consult with an accountant and attorney to help you select the form of ownership that is right for you.In making a choice, you will want to take into account the following: Sole Proprietorships The vast majority of small businesses start out as sole proprietorships.They also must decide up-front how much time and capital each will contribute, etc.Advantages of a Partnership: Types of Partnerships that should be considered: 1.General Partnership Partners divide responsibility for management and liability as well as the shares of profit or loss according to their internal agreement.Equal shares are assumed unless there is a written agreement that states differently. Limited Partnership and Partnership with limited liability Limited means that most of the partners have limited liability (to the extent of their investment) as well as limited input regarding management decisions, which generally encourages investors for short-term projects or for investing in capital assets.This form of ownership is not often used for operating retail or service businesses.Forming a limited partnership is more complex and formal than that of ageneral partnership. Joint Venture Acts like a general partnership, but is clearly for a limited period of time or a single project.


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