Fdr New Deal Thesis

Even more important, FERA established the doctrine that adequate public relief was a right that citizens in need could expect to received from their government." (J. 309) FERA had three primary objectives: 1) Adequacy of relief measures; 2) providing work for employable people on the relief rolls; and 3) diversification of relief programs.FERA accepted as elementary that all needy persons and their dependents should receive sufficient relief to prevent physical suffering and to maintain a minimum standard of living." (Williams p.Impressed, Perkins agreed to take the proposal to Roosevelt, who quickly agreed to the plan.

The working conditions and wages also had to be in line with those found in the private sector.

The purpose of FERA was to work cooperatively with state government, providing federal grants for relief purposes.

The provisions of the Federal Emergency Relief Act of 1933 provided that authorization for FERA would expire in two years from the date of inception.

The most pressing problem for FERA at first was to build up adequate local relief organizations.

Grant applications required that states were to provide information on the amounts necessary to meet relief needs in the state and the amounts available from public and private sources within the state to contribute toward those relief needs.

States also were to provide information on provisions made to assure adequate administrative supervision of the funds, the methods by which adequate relief levels would be assured, and the purposes for which the funds would be used.

The president told the Washington newcomer two things: give immediate and adequate relief to the unemployed, and pay no attention to politics or politicians. Thirty minutes later, seated at a makeshift desk in a hallway .

he began a program committed to action rather than debate, a program that would eventually put 15 million people to work.

Few of the existing state relief agencies had been in existence for more than 7 or 8 months at the time of creation of FERA.

Those state relief agencies that were deemed to be inadequate or flawed in some way had to be overhauled to meet the requirements of FERA.


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