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But now your teacher wants you to write an exemplification essay, and you feel a little lost. When you first heard the term exemplification essay, you might have freaked out a little bit. If you’re familiar with the argumentative essay, you’re already halfway there.

An exemplification essay is like a more involved version of an argumentative essay.

These can include as little or as much information as you want.

The most important part of your outline is the body section. My outline might look something like this: Your introduction will have two main parts: the hook and the thesis statement. It’s what “hooks” the reader in to keep reading your essay.

The last thing you have to do is write your conclusion. However, you don’t want to simply restate your thesis statement.

Instead, include some more information that you wrote about in your body paragraphs.

For my introduction, I would write something along these lines: Many people dream of having mutant super powers, but don’t realize the responsibility that comes with those special talents.

One man, Professor Xavier, stands above all other mutants.

Because exemplification essays are like argumentative essays, you want to pick topics that are similar to argumentative topics. As an example, my topic is Who is the best X-Men character?

Topics that have at least two arguable sides—you don’t want to choose a topic that has one obvious right side. While this sounds more like personal opinion, I’m going to back it up with some facts.


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