Example Of Rationale In Research Paper

Your rationale statements may be similar to the above introductory paragraph.

Additional paragraphs may certainly be supplied in making a strong rationale.

Specifically, new studies can be conducted in the area of leadership to analyze the impacts of innovative communication mediums such as Twitter, and other social networking sites on leadership practices.

Alternatively, the impacts of the global economic and financial crisis of 2007-2010 on leadership can be studied in an in-depth manner.

Staff development has received much study in the last 25 years, but Joyce and Showers (1995) have found that a very low percentage of implementation occurs following staff development experiences.

Citing Joyce, Jean Becker shows that 10% of teachers will transfer a new skill into practice after exposure to theory and practice, yet 90% will transfer that new skill into practice with theory, demonstration, practice, feedback and coaching (Becker, 2000 ). It is important for you to be able to explain the importance of the research you are conducting by providing valid arguments.Rationale for the study needs to be specific and ideally, it should relate to the following points: 1.Your reference may even be taken from school site archives (staff meeting minutes or surveys) indicating a problem or need. Below is an example of a problem / purpose statement that links to a reference that will be cited in the rationale or review that follows.Thinking and technology need to be integrated with the elementary school curriculum.You have to explain the essence of the problem in a detailed manner and highlight practical benefits associated with the solution of the problem.Suppose, your dissertation topic is “A study into advantages and disadvantages of various entry strategies to Chinese market”.My e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Dissertation in Business Studies: a step by step assistance offers practical assistance to complete a dissertation with minimum or no stress.The e-book covers all stages of writing a dissertation starting from the selection to the research area to submitting the completed version of the work within the deadline.I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.


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