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Or perhaps I should describe the person by what I did?I remember a moment in one of the interviews when I looked at my watch.

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Marsh shows the social and political nature of such assumptions.

And so, what is quite hotly contested in suicide research is rendered as an obvious and major flaw of the assessed piece of research. I doubt it very much, the critique followed a particular practice of psychological writing in which you simply give certain information, probably also without much reflection.

The first and probably most important assumption is that suicide is in one way or another linked to mental illness, or, in its radical version, that suicide is necessarily caused by a mental illness.

Needless to say, the assumption is contested, both within mainstream suicidology and outside.

I wish I could simply write it was nonsense, but I am not certain it is – I’ll come to it below.

The main problem is of course that the assumptions I refer to above were probably tacit, hidden, given no reflection, we make them daily.

As we describe our research, particularly its methodology, we often make a series of assumptions underlying it.

And yet, I think there is another set we tend not to explicate, simply going along with how things are done. The post is inspired by an academic promotion procedure in which a portfolio of qualitative work was reviewed and a number of criticisms were made with regard to it.

One of the first decisions writers have to make is to decide on the reader’s knowledge base.

Will the reader know what I mean by X, or do I need to define it?


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