Euthanasia Medical Ethics Essay

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In a deep forest, hiking alone, Adam finds someone who has fallen into a deep pit.

They ask him to throw them a rope so they can climb out. Adam learns of this on the news but feels fine since, he tells himself, “I didn’t Nathan Nobis is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA.

Assisted death can take the form of physician assisted suicide (PAS).

Here a suffering and terminal patient is assisted by a physician to gain access to a lethal substance which the patient himself or herself takes or administers.

He just started his bath; she’s on her way to the bathroom to drown him.

She opens the bathroom door and is to see that he has slipped in the bathtub and is drowning.

The reason simply is the credibility of arguing that administering a lethal agent is “active”, but terminating life support (for example switching off a ventilator) is “passive”.

Both clearly are observable and describable actions, and both are the direct causes of the patient’s death.

But this hasn’t happened where active euthanasia is allowed, since we do and would have safeguards to lessen this possibility, as we do with other things that An aunt will inherit lots of money if her five-year-old nephew dies.

She plans to drown him in the bathtub and make it look like an accident.


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