Euthanasia Essay Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legal

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The debate over assisted suicide should encompass what the regime of death will become and where it will lead.There is more to this argument than simply whether assisted suicide should be legalized for certain categories of individuals.

It is a pretense that the practice will always be limited to the dying for whom nothing else can be done to alleviate suffering.

In recent months, heartbreaking stories of Americans such as Brittany Maynard struggling with devastating diagnoses have captured our empathy—and launched a national conversation about physician-assisted suicide (PAS).

Her doctor — without asking — decided the time had come for her life to end.

The doctor drugged the woman’s coffee so that she would sleep while being killed, a violation of euthanasia rules.

Then came the hate mail, at a decibel level that I had not experienced theretofore in my years of public-policy advocacy. Correspondents hoped that I would die slowly of a painful cancer.

I was called a religious fanatic (even though I had not mentioned religion), an alarmist, a fantasist, and a sadist.Joint geriatric euthanasia has also ended the lives of elderly couples in the Netherlands, at a Swiss suicide clinic, and, most recently, in Canada. After the Canadian supreme court conjured a right to receive euthanasia if the patient has a diagnosed condition causing irremediable suffering, including psychological suffering The Canadian parliament legalized euthanasia across the country in response but limited euthanasia to circumstances where death is “foreseeable” — whatever that means.Belgian euthanasia has grown so wild that a doctor who had supported legalization and served as an oversight official resigned from his responsibilities because of the number of abuses that had passed through his committee with nothing done to hold the wrongdoers to account. Even that condition has come under legal attack as too restrictive.Finally, euthanasia and assisted suicide corrupt everything they touch: the doctor–patient relationship, familial bonds, and our embrace of the intrinsic value of human life.This includes society’s commitment to suicide-prevention services, which these days are usually not offered to those who are suicidal as the result of a terminal illness.According to the medical journal , in recent years “depressive disorders were the primary issue” in 55 percent of Dutch mental-illness euthanasia cases.And babies born with serious disabilities, such as spina bifida, or with terminal conditions are lethally injected under a neonatal euthanasia protocol.Currently, more than 6,000 people die in the Netherlands by euthanasia and assisted suicide each year.Killable people now range from the terminally ill and the chronically ill, such as a woman with serious tinnitus, to people with disabilities, such as people with paralysis and chronic alcoholics, dementia patients who ask to be euthanized in advance directives, the elderly with non-life-threatening health concerns or early dementia — and even 83 mentally ill patients in 2017.Nothing like what I feared would In the years since, however, doctor-administered lethal-injection euthanasia has been legalized in the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, and Colombia.Legal doctor-assisted suicide has followed in six U. states, plus the District of Columbia — the latest, Hawaii, enacted its statute in early April — as well as in the Australian province of Victoria and in Germany, where it was imposed by court order.


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