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The styles and ideologies of postmodern literature have had a tremendous influence on contemporary literature, visual art, film, science, history and journalism.

The styles and techniques of postmodern authors has had a tremendous influence on popular culture all over the world.

Critics and scholars tend to recognize very few female writers as postmodernists.

Furthermore, some critics and scholars argue that postmodern literary styles - as divergent and unique as they may be - are showy, over complicated, lacking in any firm moral vision, too self-conscious and lacking in seriousness.

Postmodern literature is not specific to writers from any particular region or culture.

There are thousands of writers and literary works from all around the world which are considered postmodern by critics and scholars.While modernist literary writers often depicted the world as fragmented, troubled and on the edge of disaster, which is best displayed in the stories and novels of such modernist authors as Ernest Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Albert Camus, Virginia Woolf and Thomas Mann, postmodern authors tend to depict the world as having already undergone countless disasters and being beyond redemption or understanding.Similarly, at the core of many postmodern literary writer's imaginations is a belief that the world has already fallen apart and that actual, singular meaning is impossible to locate (if it can be said to exist at all), and that literature, instead, should serve to reveal the world's absurdities, countless paradoxes and ironies.Postmodern literary writers come from all across the world.Furthermore, they all embrace some aspect of the postmodern worldview that nothing is absolute or inherently true.Some literary critics and scholars have complained that postmodern literature, as a genre of writing, is male-dominated.The notion of locating precise meanings and reasons behind any event became seen as impossible.Postmodern literary writers have also been greatly influenced by various movements and ideas taken from postmodern philosophy.The postmodern novel, story or poem is often presented as a parody of the modernist literary quest for meaning.Thomas Pynchon's postmodern novel The Crying of Lot 49 is a perfect example of this.


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