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The general public had no idea that what they were reading was untrue so they grew angry and started clamoring to go to war with Spain.An example of the newspapers using this tactic was when the New York Journal posted a paper which headlines read: CRISIS AT HAND cabinet in session, growing belief in SPANISH TREACHERY.

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This meant the papers reported the editor’s interpretation of the news and not an objective stand point.

This meant that the editors were able to affect the public opinion.

Their stories raise important questions for journalists and audiences, and for anyone considering speaking to a reporter.

They also hold important clues about media trust at a moment when online disinformation is a major concern, and public confidence in mainstream news—long in decline—has reached an alarming low.

Understanding how non-journalists see the news media is an essential step in rebuilding public trust.

And in fact, one of the most striking lessons I learned from speaking to citizen news sources is how differently they tend to see journalists from how journalists tend to see themselves.

A big characteristic of yellow journalism was having scare headlines in huge print.

The papers would put an event that would easily be able to gain the attention of the readers and would word the headline to create a reaction with the reader which would make them want to read more.

When The World (which was a newspaper at the time) came out with the article the caption read that the Maine explosion was not an accident it was actually the work of the Spanish.

We now know that it was a problem with the ship itself however the newspaper still put this in there article with no real evidence to back their claim which a large part of what yellow journalism is.


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