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A spokesman for Editions Gallimard, one of France’s most prominent publishing houses, told L’Express the essays would be edited “in a scientific style” that would expose and explain their anti-Semitic content.Celine, a physician and open supporter of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, published “Journey to the End of the Night” in 1932 about his experiences fighting in World War I.

Essays are judged on originality, knowledge, style and depth.

November 9, 2018 will mark the 80th anniversary of a series of violent attacks against Jews spread across Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia.

Your tone, serenity, length of sentences really matter…

You should transfer the atmosphere of those terrifying events with the help of words…

This will show that you have worked on research on this topic and have made your own conclusions.

The structure of your work should be followed, don`t forget about this.

In the words of a local student: “This memorial was damaged this past summer by a negligent teen.

The tragedy struck the hearts of many who hold dear the meaning of the memorial.

Think well on the plan, include all necessary information, all your ideas and thoughts.

Make your writing clear and understandable with logical connections.


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