Essays On The Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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I followed the story so poorly that I hesitated to even write a review. I listen to audio books on my drive to and from work. The settings and plot didn’t make sense sometimes but after reading the pages repeatedly, it made sense.

Then I realized that that was actually a reason to write one. As happens from time I listened to this book on audio from discs I got at the library. It is a special thing that lets one neatly slide a corner of reality into it, and it's illuminated by the art. This short story had a lot of meaning once I got into it.

Examining secondary sources from the 1900s to the 1990s, this "Guide" is an indispensable resource for the study of one of Conrad's most potent works.

I listened to this book on audio from discs I got at the library.

He was a classic author that was in no small part responsible for making science fiction popular: one of the founding fathers of science fiction. This Congo that he went to turned people insane and it just seemed too unrealistic to me.

One of his great contributions to science fiction was the list of laws by which robots had to be designed. He uses a trip, up river, to discover mankind, or at least, one way men can be. I suppose some would say this is a "man's" book, but I disagree. i wouldnt reccomend this book to people who are looking for an easy read or a nice story about people falling in love because its far from that. This book took place in the heart of Africa, which is the Heart of the Congo.Conrad's style doesn't especially suit to my tastes, and I feel that the realm of the nature of humanity was more brilliantly executed in the Lord of the Flies.Or, for the matter, I think Moby Dick (cliche, but still true,) covers it best.The first thing I should admit is that I didn't follow the story very well. Dear Joseph Conrad This book was very confusing to read at first.In fact, I would have a hard time repeating all of the most important aspects of the story. It used a strong vocabulary that my class and I didn’t really understand until we looked up the words.Oh boy another robot that comes across as more human than the people in the book. You'd really have to read them with a mind to see how the original was done and with the fore-knowledge that the ending won't be a surprise. You might want to read it to understand the flavor of Joseph Conrad, to familiarize yourself with him as an author, to educate yourself on the style of one of the classic authors but if you do, I highly recommend doing it in such a way as to allow yourself to concentrate on the content or you might come out not retaining what you just heard. The novella was unnecessarily extended without a twist, or climax. I would rather learn about imperialism in Africa by reading a textbook. I had heard only good reviews about it, but the fact that the entire novella was told through Marlow's dialogue was off-putting for me and made it harder for me to understand what was going on.The messages were good, but the execution made it hard to get through.I've met so many people who list this book as one of their major defining influences, but I really can't wrap my head around the writing style.I learned that sometimes even somewhat interesting stories can get boring if they go on too long with nothing happening.I may give it another try in ten years or so, and see if the problem is with me...While I can honestly say that I enjoy Heart of Darkness, it's definitely dense reading material.


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