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If the car hits another car at a certain angle or with a certain force, the driver(s) can be killed, or very seriously injured.Another effect of running the red light is causing damage to your car.Below is an explanation of penalties on second and third moving violations which are required by law: SECOND OFFENSE: A mandatory 90 day license suspension or attend an Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program THIRD OFFENSE: A mandatory 1 year license suspension.• Your driver’s license will be taken immediately and destroyed.• Driving privileges may be granted at the discretion of the Court.

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The car that has he green light would be coming in fast and unrestrained and with full momentum.

A collision with anything would cause great damage to both the car as well as to whatever it hits.

This means, that a person running a red light is driving into a potential car that is coming unrestrained at high speed from either side.

A collision between the two cars could result in serious injuries and even death.

Running a red light can have disastrous effects and this essay shall look at how running a red light can have certain adverse effects.

One of the most disastrous effects that running a red light could have is death.

Traffic Court is held every Wednesday morning at a.m.

All juveniles are required to appear with a parent, unless the juvenile is charged only with non-moving offense such as no seatbelt.

This is perhaps the most dangerous effects of running a red light.

Even though the speeds at which the cars collide can be very slow, the main thing that makes this kind of collision very dangerous is the sheer momentum if the cars.


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