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When comparing these religions to one another, Pi seems to conclude in his innocence that there need not be conflict between them.

For him, each religion simply emphasizes what is most powerful and true in the others according to its own strengths.

You want a flat story.” When Pi gives them the flat story they want, a story that fails to contradict what they are prepared to believe, the men become excited by the prospect that this second version is the truth.

However, Pi is not finished with them or their skepticism.

Fear, Pi realizes, is “life’s only true opponent,” and he holds back the fear with his faith, no matter what religion embodies that faith.

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The novel also explores another meaning of faith—the human capacity to believe what is unbelievable.

, and has been the most controversial in reviews of the book.

Throughout the novel, Pi makes his belief in and love of God clear—it is a love profound enough that he can transcend the classical divisions of religion, and worship as a Hindu, Muslim, and Christian.

” The men agree that the story with animals is superior, which prompts Pi to add, “And so it goes with God.” This is faith, Pi seems to say.

Since it is the nature of religious faith that it can never be proven, just as the facts of Pi’s journey across the Pacific can never be verified, the question is not a matter of reason but of belief.


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