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This exhibition focuses on the legacy of Thomas Jefferson.

A section on the West examines Jefferson’s role in developing a plan for the creation of territories and new states that formed the basis of the Ordinance of 1784, which accepted the cession of most of Virginia's old Northwest to the federal government.

Explores the role religion played in the founding of the American colonies, in the shaping of early American life and politics, and in forming the American Republic.

Includes a section entitled Religion and the Congress of the Confederation, which discusses references to religion in the Northwest Ordinance.

Irrespective of the jobs that slaves did, slavery on the whole was profitable.

The expense to planters for housing, clothing, and feeding slaves was considerably less than the value they produced.Considered one of the most important legislative acts of the Confederation Congress, the Northwest Ordinance also protected civil liberties and outlawed slavery in the new territories.Library of Congress Web Site | External Web Sites | Selected Bibliography Digital Collections A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1875 This collection contains congressional publications from 1774 to 1875, including debates, bills, laws, and journals. (Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2004): 271-327. In Timothy Guinnane, William Sundstrum and Warren Whatley, History Matters: Essays on Economic Growth, Technology, and Demographic Change. Retirement and Public Policy: Proceedings of the Second Conference of the National Academy of Social Insurance. "The Impact of Aging on the Employment of Men in Working-Class Communities at the End of the Nineteenth Century: A Cross-Section Analysis of Surveys from Maine, New Jersey, California, Michigan, and Kansas,"with Susan Carter and Richard Sutch.At the time of the American revolution, slavery was a national institution; although the number of slaves was small, they lived and worked in every colony.Had slavery somehow ceased during that expansion, it would have been impossible for the South to meet the worldwide demand for its products. Cotton production was originally limited because separating the seeds from the fiber of the particular plant variety that grew well across most of the South was a time‐consuming process.The introduction of the cotton gin resolved this problem and made the use of large numbers of field hands to work the crop economical.This collection contains 277 documents relating to the work of Congress and the drafting and ratification of the Constitution.It includes the essay To Form a More Perfect Union, which examines Congressional debate after the Revolutionary War over the division and government of the Western Territories.


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