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By 2004, the national assembly of Bhutan (which was then a monarchy), banned the sale of tobacco throughout the country as well as smoking in public places, private offices and even recreation centres like bars and pubs.

It was lauded for being the first country in the world to go entirely smoke-free.

However, the implementation of the ban remained weak.

As a response, the government passed the Tobacco Control Act in 2010, under which smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco became a non-bailable offence.

In 1729, it perhaps became the first country in the world to have any kind of tobacco regulation, when the supreme leader Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal passed a law against tobacco use.

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In the 1990s, many of the 20 districts of Bhutan began autonomously declaring themselves smoke-free zones.Many are in favor of smoking bans, saying these can do good things for people’s health.However, there are also numerous people who are against these policies and consider them to be unfair. Smoking bans ensures that cigarette smoke won’t get into public places, preventing non-smokers from getting into contact with second-hand smoke (which can cause a wide range of respiratory illnesses including lung cancer).With their brightly-colored vape pods, it's easy to underestimate JUUL devices' potency—one pod, about two hundred inhales, contains the same amount of nicotine as twenty cigarettes.Kadakia said that e-cigarettes are used to help smokers try to quit.For example, the University of Mississippi's 2013 smoke-free policy barred JUULs, though that has not stopped students from using them.“Essentially they amount to a nicotine delivery system that mimics the actions associated with smoking without delivering any known cancer-causing agents to the user," Jed Rose, who leads Duke’s Center for Smoking Cessation, wrote in an essay excerpt of an essay published on the Center's website.The positive financial effect of smoking bans extends beyond the personal level. Smoking bans are put into place not just for health purposes but also for safety reasons.Healthcare takes up a huge chunk of the government’s budget so, when less people smoke, less money will be spent on smoking-related illnesses and there would be more funds for other patients. By following smoking bans in places that have highly flammable materials, people can prevent fires from arising, destroying properties, and taking lives. They’re useful in maintaining productive workspaces. As mentioned above, smoking bans can help reduce smoking-related illnesses.“The use of e-cigarettes by younger, non-smoking individuals is a developing trend nationally,” said senior Kushal Kadakia, student liaison for the Duke Smoking Cessation Program and former executive vice president of Duke Student Government.Even though Duke has not kicked the electronic cigarettes to the curb, the growing industry is facing broader issues.


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