Essay Questions For The Book 1984

Essay Questions For The Book 1984-7
Students support their reading of the work with evidence from the text.However, this practice is a bit too open-ended for non-majors.

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In the last sixteen years of his life (born in 1903 - died in 1950) he wrote nine major books and 700 essays and articles.

But the most significant of these were Animal Farm and 1984.

Totalitarianism is about the absolute control by the state or a governing branch of a highly centralized institution.

It has the character or quality of an autocratic or authoritarian individual, group, or government.

Would you rather be a prole or a Party member in 1984?

Provide specific examples from the novel to support your argument. The world of Big Brother has three main slogans: WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH These slogans seem to be paradoxical and contradictory on the surface, but in the world of Big Brother, they make a kind of sense.

The third topic, about Big Brother’s control of the perception of reality through language and power, is at its heart an epistemological question. So as I revise the module for ERWC 3.0, one of my tasks is to create new writing prompts.

My criteria are as follows: the prompt should Here is a list of possible new topics (linked here and pasted below).

However, the Internet creates problems in this regard.

All of the obvious themes and big ideas have been explored in Spark Notes, Cliff’s Notes and various homework helper sites.


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